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CHIMEI Launches New Single-Material Packaging

In response to the international trend towards eco-friendly, single-material packaging, CHIMEI Group announced today that, beginning this August, the company will be replacing its multi-material (paper and plastic) packaging with PP or PE single-material solution for its plastics product lineup. The original packaging was difficult to recycle due to the need to separate paper from plastic, and the move towards single-material packaging will drastically increase recycling efficiency and minimize the company’s environmental impact. In addition to caring for the environment, the new packaging for each product category features a distinctive color representative of the CHIMEI brand to improve brand recognition, streamline product management, and showcase the group’s lively and diverse brand image.

New packaging to be rolled out by end of 2021

In keeping with its “Clean & Green” vision and the 12th goal of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—responsible consumption and production, CHIMEI began planning for the introduction of single-material packaging in late 2019 as part of its effort to make circular economy a reality. The company is expected to start rolling out the new packaging for its plastics product lineup upon completion of testing in August 2021 and will complete the roll-out by the end of the same year. However, both the old and the new packaging may be available on the market during this transition, and both contain genuine products produced by CHIMEI. Clients are advised to contact CHIMEI’s customer service or its distributors should they have any questions about product packaging.

The new single-material packaging will be simultaneously introduced to various subsidiaries of the CHIMEI Group, including CHIMEI Corporation, Zhenjiang CHIMEI Chemical, Zhangzhou CHIMEI Chemical, CHILIN Technology, and LINSHINE Engineering Plastics.

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